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Cigarette smoke is one of the most pervasive odors found in homes. As smoke travels throughout a home, merely cleaning surfaces or spraying the air will not be able to neutralize all the places affected by smoke. A deep cleanse is necessary to fully remove the odor, which travels through ductwork and deep into porous building materials.

While each situation is different, years of exposure to cigarette smoke is extensive enough to become a problem requiring professional help. If you have not found success from home remedies and suggestions from your friends, family and online bloggers, you need our experience! Green Gorilla Solutions helps remove the most entrenched odors, including cigarette smoke, through powerful ozone machines and industrial cleaning agents.

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With our lengthy experience helping homeowners across Chapel Hill, Durham and surrounding communities, we are confident in our ability to quickly and effectively eliminate any unwanted cigarette smoke odors in your home. Contact us today to freshen up your home!


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